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Conventionally, the fundamentals of formal education are three; Reading, Writing and Computing; however, 'Using ICT' (not 'Knowing ICT') has emerged as a fourth fundamental of formal education in the 21st century that without skills to use ICT tools, it is as if you never went to school.

ICT has transformed activities as basic as how we work, communicate with each other, treat illnesses, travel, shop, and enjoy our leisure time. Surprisingly modern ICT such as Internet is still being seen as a luxurious service by the majority of the population in developing countries.

In recognition of the growing importance of Information Technology and accepting the need to have an ICT literate population, Governments of developing countries have made significant contributions towards developing public and school ICT infrastructure; and inclusion of ICT on their National education curricula.

The standing challenge however is that most schools in most of the developing countries  lack a fundamental ICT application to successfully embrace this Information Technology transition. The ICT application must be aiming at promoting ICT adoption in schools and the general public at large; and most importantly it should aim at improving service delivery in the entire education sector the same way IT revolutionized the banking sector.

​​This application should therefore be universally accessible, affordable, maintainable, inclusive of all school stakeholders, able to solve the challenges faced by the schools in the process of carrying out their routine duties, and with e-governance features which enables the education sector to function as a whole.

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