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Unfortunate events happen in schools that can result in the loss of valuable records that have been compiled over a long period of time. Our disaster recovery services are designed to ensure that the school records are completely protected from disastrous events at the schools by keeping school records digitally off school premises. In case of such a disaster, our services ensure that school operations that rely on records are sustained throughout the recovery process.

Our information management services keep school records forever and readily accessible regardless of their age. Very few affordable systems have unlimited capacity and technical support to keep as many records as the school can generate over time, yet new school records are as important as old ones. These records as they age contribute to the school heritage. Therefore, losing this information with time because of limited school technical capacity is regarded as an information disaster in the digital age that is against the establishment of the school and thus unacceptable.

By hiring us you mitigate completely this school existential disaster. Our service costs remain constant regardless of the amount of information and age of the records we keep plus providing unlimited storage capacity because keeping all records indefinitely is at the core of our service provision to schools.

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