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1. dotShule - NIISP project

Dotsaidia Systems Ltd partnered with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance (MoICT&NG) to support dotShule joining schools as a way of promoting practical usage of ICT in education.


Under the National Initiatives ICT Support Programme (NIISP), Dotsaidia secured a grant to support dotShule subscribing schools for a period of one year and eventually the school is expected to sustain the program based on its user experience judgement. This offer is given to a selected number of schools that are keen to improve on their management. 

MoICT&NG assigned Makerere University and Resilience Africa Network to supervise Dotsaidia as the company executes all the activities in the project implementation process to ensure the system meets the needs of the school and all the stakeholders.

The project is conducted in the following ways to ensure fairness.

  • Schools covered by the grant

    • Primary and secondary schools​

    • Government and private schools

  • School selection criteria 

    • Request for support by individual school - A school independently expresses interest by replying to the request for participation letter.​

    • District Education Officer (DEO) vote - The DEO is allowed to select (3) three schools of his/her choice from his/her district to benefit from the project.

    • Religious denomination vote - Religious institutions are given a vote to select fifty (50) schools from among schools of their respective religious foundations.

  • Cost of services to the school

    • ​The grant covers the service costs for the school for three terms (one academic year).​​

    • After the school grant period, the school sustains the dotShule services by paying subscription (ground) fees of UGX500,000 per term. This model of pricing is only applicable to schools that are under the NIISP support programme. Click here to find out how schools that are not under support programme are charged. 

A school is only considered a project beneficiary after submitting a consent letter. The deadline for receiving consent letters for the second call is 20th February 2022.