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Is your school in the dilemma of determining which approach to take as regards information management or you are questioning yourself if the approach you chose is still the best one? You're not alone! Information management challenges even organizations that solely operate using IT systems.

Our support consulting service is to take your school out of that dilemma by enlightening you on the current trends of organization information management best practices. We guide your school to understand the current best practices of data capture, storage, processing and information dissemination and how your choices affect the productivity and efficiency of running operations at your school over time.


We included this service under our portfolio of services after realizing that the majority of schools are vulnerable to making wrong choices when it comes to information management solutions and also because the schools are flooded with management solutions of which when they adopt several of them, it results into information fragmentation. Information fragmentation causes maintenance overhead which lowers the efficiency of the IT department.

By hiring us, we streamline your information management needs and put you in the best position to make the right decisions on which approach of information management for your school to adopt. 

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