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All our software solutions are developed in-house in our research and development department. We deploy standard business practices to building software in a cycle of planning, assessing user requirements, designing, building, documenting, testing, deploying and maintaining. We undergo this software development cycle together with our customers.

Our current state of solutions has been moulded by numerous improvement suggestions and feedback over a period of time from our loyal customers. We run a closed-loop software development cycle which we move around in close consultation with schools, education and ICT key stakeholders to deliver solutions that are ever meeting the schools' current information management requirements.


Our software solutions do not work in isolation but are integrated with other service providers systems that deliver services to schools using ICT. Our systems are integrated with banks, school fees collection platforms, telecom companies, and content providers to provide your school with a complete solution.

By hiring us you would have joined a large network of Education Technology stakeholders that continuously work together to bring the best solutions for managing and running schools.

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