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Computer Class

Why Choose Our Consulting?


The need to get parents involved in children parenting within their busy schedule and most especially while children are at school. For example, imagine a parent tracking the health, behaviour report, academic progress, interacting with teachers, checking on the bursar office without physically coming to school. Our services get you covered.


The need to save members of school communities money and time by facilitating easy access to school information from anywhere they may be. For example, imagine a potential school member looking out for admission requirements for her fortunate child to join your school and proceeding to place the admission application and following up on admission processing progress without physically coming to school. Imagine no more.


The need to liberate schools from the burden of technicalities involved in developing and maintaining information systems such that they concentrate on their core activities of teaching and learning. Information technology aids smooth school operation if it does not bring extra burden to school operations. We ease outsourcing of school information management services.


The need to easily provide accurate and reliable information to institutions that provide services to schools by relying on school data to conduct business. For example, imagine a student denied a report card because of a school fees default. The parent using the phone checks from the bursar office on the system to determine the outstanding balance. The parent then uses a bank mobile app or mobile money to pay the amount demanded. The payment update is sent to the school system that then releases the report card that the parent access through the school system. All this happens without the involvement of the school staff. Our services make this a reality.


The need by the education sector to match the ever-changing technology trends. Your school needs to be enabled to smoothly adopt technologies as they emerge without putting strain on the school budget and staff members.

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