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1. Ministry of Education & Sports

Dotsaidia Systems Ltd partnered with the Ministry of Education & Sports (MoES) and entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to set out modalities for the operationalization of dotShule and spelling out the roles, responsibilities and obligations of the parties as follows:-

  • Responsibilities of Dotsaidia Systems Ltd

    1. Meets expectations of all stakeholders​

    2. Develops, maintains, and upgrades dotShule with new features as required by the clients

    3. Maintains the dotShule system data centres and ensures the system security and client data is not compromised both in storage and in internet transit.

    4. Ensures the dotShule users have access to the system all the time

  • Responsibilities of Ministry of Education & Sports

    1. Encourages schools to embrace the new technological solution in schools by streamlining guidelines which will lead to embracing the adoption of ICT usage in schools.​

    2. Conducts monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the system in schools.

2. Ministry of ICT & National Guidance


Dotsaidia Systems Ltd partnered with the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) to provide datacentre services to run her services.


As a result of this partnership, the dotShule platform servers and all schools' and other clients' data are hosted and managed from the National Datacenter.

Dotsaidia Systems Ltd partnered with the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance (MoICT&NG) to extend help to schools that are keen on improving their operation through using modern information management practices.

MoICT&NG through the National Initiatives ICT support programme (NIISP) gave a grant to Dotsaidia Systems Ltd to enable the company to extent dotShule services to any school that wants to automate its processes. Click here for details about this arrangement.

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