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IT Services

Our managed IT services save the school from the cost of establishing a data centre (or having servers) at school and the costs of operating it. It even becomes more financially and technically demanding if the systems in the school data centre are to be accessed outside the school over the internet.


A school exposing its systems to the internet from its data centre risks losing all the data to hackers because of the school limited ICT expertise and outdated software and hardware. Exposing school data centre systems to the internet is beyond the capacity of most schools yet modern information systems should be accessible over the internet. This is because the main consumers of school information are the parents that are always outside the school.

Our managed IT services include data storage, security and monitoring. We work as a third-party company that remotely manages your school IT infrastructure and end-user systems. We handle management services on a daily basis so that our customer schools can focus on improving their services without worrying about extended system downtimes or service interruptions. 

By hiring us you should have extended your limited school IT capabilities to obtain IT expertise at a relatively small cost. Under the cover of our services, even a very small school located in a remote village with a very small ICT budget can afford to have modern information management services.

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