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Our solutions are accessed over the internet which implies that any school member can access the information services over an individual internet connection on their smartphones using mobile internet from telecom operators. However, within the school, it is more convenient for the school administration to provide a permanent internet connection from where the internet is distributed.

Our network solutions are to guide you on the best practices of servicing a permanent internet connection and how to distribute the internet within the schools and how to best put it to use for the good of every school member. 

We recommend schools extend the internet beyond the computer lab to also cover the administration block, staff rooms and classrooms and also highly accessed school compound areas.

It should be noted that to use our information management services, the school does not need a permanent internet connection. As long as the school can have any form of internet connection, it's ready to deploy the services. This provides room for the school to study the best use cases and how best they will deploy the permanent internet connection when the time comes.

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