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ICT Consulting
& Services

We remove barriers that result in accessing school information on appointments by offering information management services that improve stakeholders teamwork by eliminating barriers of distance, time and location to information sharing.


We achieve this by streamlining school data capture, storage and processing through a model that liberates schools from the burden of maintaining technical aspects of information systems and also that saves schools money by eliminating the cost of owning these systems.

Our Services

Our Services

Our services aim at bringing school information anywhere you are without worrying about how it works!

Cloud Solutions

We leverage the internet to provide information management solutions that enable your school to share information easily among all your stakeholders.

Managed IT Services

We enable your school to concentrate on the core activities of teaching and learning as we take on the non-core ones of maintaining information systems.

Disaster Recovery

Through our information management services, your school worries no more about losing information as a result of disasters at the school premises.

Software Development

We specialize in designing, testing and implementing Software as a Service (SaaS) eco-system that integrate ICT usage into day-to-day school activities

Network Solutions

We understand that our solutions are about sharing information. We achieve this by offering budget networking solutions that are tailored to your information needs.

Support Consulting

Our experienced technical team helps you to make informed decisions when it comes to assessing your school information management needs.


“Our school was transformed the moment we started using dotSaidia ICT services in 2017, we made the right choice.”

Francis Tiwange
St. Peter's Katukuru, Mbarara

Ready to find out more?

dotSaidia exists to take ICT to schools to help in transforming the traditional school setting to match and follow the dot-com era without schools worrying about technicalities involved. There is much more than meets the eye in the technology service industry. Please feel free to contact us for more.

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