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ICT usage benefits in education

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Even when the ICT abbreviation sounds corporate, it simply means any technology that supports real-time access to information and communication. Information comes in many forms such as text, video, sound, and images. We refer to technologies such as mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras when we think of the technology available to produce these pieces of information forms. Today’s ICT range expands further to encompass computers and computer-related products, the internet, email, Social media, MMS, and other forms of communication.

ICT plays a significant role in all aspects of today’s modern society. It has changed the way we communicate, work, play, conduct business with each other, and how we find the needed information. From a broader perspective, it affects our everyday lives which in turn transforms our society by enabling improvements in the standard of living.

Today the conversations about technology have shifted and we no longer need to go any further than our own home or even room, to see some form of ICT in our lives. Whether it be a mobile phone, plasma TV, or computer, we all have them in some part of our lives. People as consumers of ICT, all strive for the one dream – the dream of a connected life. This makes ICT a basic necessity for humanity and in addition, this ICT need is changing the way we communicate, increasing the rate of consumerism, and changing how we interact and gather important information.

In the education context,

ICT has progressed to become an integral part of the education systems for any nation. Players in education are continuously utilizing ICT curriculum and development to resolve the digital divide gap in communication and technology.

ICT has not only fostered education stakeholder engagements and knowledge retention but it has leveled the field of opportunities for students especially those who are more engaged in their school work; making learning enjoyable more than ever before.

Additionally, there are enormous benefits that are associated with using ICT in education service providers and some include the following,

  1. ICT eliminates the barriers to information access: When ICT is used practically, the barriers such as distance, time, and location that hinder access to school information are seamlessly eliminated.

  2. ICT use encourages collaboration: ICT naturally brings educators, parents, and children together where they can talk and discuss what they are doing for their work and this, in turn, opens up avenues for communication thus leading to language development and bridging the home-school gap.

  3. ICT use motivates learning: Society's demands for new technology have not left out students’ needs; since students are fascinated with technology and this, in turn, encourages and motivates them to learn in the classroom and at their own pace.

  4. ICT use develops ICT literacy and Skill: Both are 21st-century skills that are best developed whilst ICT remains transparent in the background of subject learning. The best way to develop ICT capability is to provide them with meaningful activities, embedded in purposeful subject-related contexts.

  5. Self-paced learning: ICT use allows for effective differentiation Instructions since we all learn differently at different rates and styles and technology provides opportunities for this to occur while leveling the learning opportunity.

  6. e-Learning: ICT use allows for new ways of learning for students and teachers. E-learning is becoming increasingly popular with various unprecedented events taking place in our lives, this does not only open opportunities for schools to ensure that students have access to curriculum materials whilst in the classroom but also allows them to ensure students outside the classroom such as at home or even in hospitals can learn.

  7. ICT enhances subject learning: It is well known these days that the use of ICT in education adds a lot of value to key learning areas such as literacy and numeracy. Students use the internet to research and understand the complicated concepts taught in a classroom.

Any education institution realizes the above benefits and so much more once it integrates and starts to use ICT in education management and administration processes and operations. The entry point of using practical ICT is by joining the School-Teacher-Parent-Learner (dotShule) ICT program.

ICT has invaded and transformed many aspects of our lives and it will continue to be a significant part of our future as it connects itself to more and more parts of our lives. It is here to stay!!

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