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Education Technology (EdTech) matters more than ever before!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

With the proliferating role of technology in education, formal education quality can easily drop without technology use in this era!

Educators should be very concerned about the relationship between technology and education. Every new day, new technologies emerge and technology use continues to spread widely across all parts of our lives. In education, it is increasingly becoming present.

While there are many benefits of using devices like projectors, tablets, smartboards, and computers in a classroom. A school enjoys additional benefits when it integrates ICT in education management operations.

Like any service industry, the education sector makes decisions and plans to remain competitive based on the available information generated in operations for its stakeholders.

Integrating ICT in school management operations makes a school electronic with an element of real-time information flow (information creation, processing, sharing and storing) among the education stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, support staff and suppliers) using the internet.

ICT should not only be used for pedagogical purposes in teaching and learning or entertainment but rather be used in ways that smoothen education management processes that makes the delivery of education services interesting.

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